1/4 Armoured Athena Statue with Digital Sound System (ST10)

Price: USD 1,150

Limited to 1000 pieces
Estimated Release Date: Q3, 2019 (Jul-Sep, 2019)


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"Finally who reigns in the battlefield...
It is I, GODDESS OF THE WAR!", Armoured Athena (Saori Kido)."

Armoured Athena (Saori Kido) is the first diorama of the Saint Seiya product series, for which Kids Logic will recreate the 12 Zodiac warriors in ¼ scale (around 450 - 600 mm in height ), all with golden battle armour equipped.
Sculpting was another barricade. Introduced by  Masami Kurumada, the classic animation were super successful in the 80’s , the impacts were all done in 2D, when things come into 3D, how do we re-mold the uniqueness of Kids Logic and merge it into the Saint Seiya Series with no alternation of the original? The development team had done a 2 months research on Greek Goddess Athena, Renaissance arts and modern fashion, an hybridization of modern styling and traditional gothic implication plus the unmovable pureness of the original Athena, such complex implantation was fully concurred.
Thus with references from the modern famous silver accessories, the medieval pattern on the armour becomes more precise and aggressive in outlines and embossing in cross-sectional triangular shaping. The sole of Athena’s boots also affecting by the fashion trend from 2017. No one has done such refinements on Saint Seiya before but the outcome is harmonically synchronized.

Size: Height 82 cm; Width 42 cm ; Depth 36 cm
Material: Polystone, PVC
One Armoured Athena statue
One stand base with bluetooth digital sound system
Color: Multi-layer painting with metallic color effect

永利彩票是怎样的平台:1/4 BIG SCALE





Photo Gallery

石狮市永利彩票站 www.ohvtu.com.cn Development Team

Creative Producer: Kenneth Kan
Concept Designer: Wai Chung, Skan @Studio HIVE
3D Sculptor: Mick Lee
Painting Contoller: Mick Lee
Manufacturing Engineer: CM Wong
Marketing Manager: Stephen Chan
Photographer: Terrence Kwok

Liscensed by: TOEI Animation
© 2018 Masami Kurumada / Shueisha, Toei Animation

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We are sorry that all pre-orders cannot be cancelled. Deposit is not refundable. Please make up your mind before placing your order.  

When should I pay the final payment?

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